Welcome to Hell

We strive to not only become the strongest clan on Dueling Network, but also to become the most feared clan. If you think that you have what it takes: Prove it

    Welcome to Hell

    (Diablo) 666

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    Welcome to Hell

    Post by (Diablo) 666 on Wed Feb 17, 2016 4:41 am

    Do you hear that?  No?  Those are the screaming and tormented souls that you once called friends.  If you think for even a second that you are day dreaming that you are in hell, think again.  If you think for even a second that you can delay your eternal demise, then don't waste my time.  But I offer you a choice:  Join my clan and postpone your judgment or you can join those in Hell for an eternity.  The choice is yours.

    If you do want to join, message (Diablo) 666 on Dueling Network and he will test you in a 2 out of 3 match to see if you are worthy in joining the clan.  If you do not succeed in joining the clan MUST wait 1 week before applying for a position again.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  During testing, both the tester and the candidate MUST abide by these rules:

    1.)  Exodia, Stall, Monarchs, and PePe are banned during the testing.  If either the tester or the candidate are found using these decks will immediately be banned (For the tester) from the clan for 1 day and the candidate will be automatically be disqualified for further consideration.  The ONLY exception to a person using these decks is when they want to test them with the leader himself.

    2.)  Cheating - If either find out that the other is cheating during the testing, notify (Diablo) 666 and then he will deal with the person accordingly.

    3.)  NO BULLYING THE TESTER OR THE CANDIDATE!  He / She is taking time out of their day to test you and if you or tester bully the other, immediately notify (Diablo) 666 about the situation and you must provide proof of the bullying taking place example is taking a screenshot.  Then do not message the person back.  (Diablo) 666 will then deal with the person.

    4.) You are not to recruit unless you have specific permission from either the Leader or the Co-leader as well as a screenshot to prove that you have permission. If you do not have permission from either the Leader or the Co-leader, you will be banned from the clan for 3 days

    Last but least I hope to see new people in the clan and I hope that you enjoy being in clan.

    (Diablo) 666

    P.S - Once in Hell, only Satan can help you out

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